I highly recommend the diVa Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation treatment at Capizzi, MD. After just two treatments, I noticed significant differences! I can actually sleep through the entire night without having to get up to go the bathroom ( I would get up 2-3 times prior to treatment!) and my vaginal dryness has totally resolved. The procedure was very quick, painless and there was absolutely NO downtime. Nurses Grace & Marty are amazing and make the process as simple and comfortable as it could possibly be. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results!

I had some hesitation going In for the Diva vaginal treatment because I was worried about comfort and if the results would be worth it. I have been very pleasantly surprised with both so far! I am 2 weeks post treatment and had no discomfort at all. I even strenuously worked out a few hours after having the treatment. I was a bit nervous and those nerves were quickly calmed as Dr. Capizzi and his staff are just the best at what they do!

After two vaginal deliveries I was very excited and somewhat anxious about vaginal rejuvenation.  I began with the Core Intima in December, 2016.  I was extremely dissatisfied with the downtime (7 days!)  and the effects were very short lived.   I had my first Diva treatment 1/29/18.  Grace answered all of my questions and the procedure was actually very quick and best of all painless!  I chose the Diva treatment based on the minimal downtime (48 hours!) and can’t wait for my next treatment!

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