Meet Peter Capizzi MD, Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Charlotte, NC.

For anyone considering cosmetic surgery, the search for an exceptional physician is over. Dr. Peter J. Capizzi offers his patients the complete package as a nationally renowned pioneer in the business of plastic surgery. Dr. Capizzi is thought of as the distinguished pick for surgeries of the body and breast, along with facial anti-aging and other cosmetic procedures such as Mommy Makeovers. After training in world renowned educational institutions such as the Mayo Clinic, he is considered world-class in both plastic and general surgery by the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Capizzi has completed training in general surgery that’s above and beyond the minimums required for the plastic surgery certificate. A surgeon that completes a residency program is equipped with the skills to handle any situation that may come up in the operating room, such as complications with ailments unrelated to the cosmetic procedure accessible.

Additionally, any surgeon that hasn’t undergone the strenuous, skill-building internships, peer reviews, exams and constant certification renewals demanded by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) will be at a loss when it comes to some of the more intricate and intimate techniques necessary in cosmetic procedures. The ABPS is the only board that certifies a surgeon from “head to toe”.

The Capizzi Method

Created by double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Peter Capizzi, the Capizzi Method™ is a means to providing the absolute best in cosmetic surgery, aesthetic treatments and procedures to help patients achieve optimal results.

The Capizzi Method uses three key procedures:

  • Readying the body and skin beforehand for optimal results
  • Optimal care during surgery and aesthetic treatment
  • Holistic post-procedure care

Examples of the Capizzi Method in action:

Step 1: Readying the body and skin beforehand for optimal results

Dr. Capizzi consults with each individual to evaluate not only the regions under consideration for processes, but to have a holistic look in their lives at that moment. His mission: that every individual undergoes the process which best helps them fulfill their goals, at the ideal time in their own lives.

Step 2: Optimal care during surgery and aesthetic treatment

Dr. Capizzi’s surgical procedures ensure optimum pain relief post-surgery. Since he uses the least invasive surgeries for vaginal rejuvenation, patients are usually surprised to discover that aspirin will fulfill their pain control requirements.

Step 3: Holistic post-procedure care

The staff at Capizzi M.D. are committed to your recovery, and will call you the day of, as well as the day after your surgery, and are available to take your calls over the weekend.

Over all, the Capizzi Method offers our patients care that lasts well after their surgery, to ensure the highest quality of care with exceptional results.

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