Laser Hair Removal


Laser Hair Removal

If you are one of those men or women who has always grappled with unwanted body hair in embarrassing places, then look no further than Dr. Capizzi for laser hair removal. This innovative, nonsurgical procedure has become a universally embraced staple among cosmetic surgeons and beauty professionals alike. It is appropriate for all skin colors and body types and suitable for hair removal from the face, armpits, legs, neck, back or bikini line. The scientific principle behind laser hair removal is that focused laser light wavelengths will selectively heat and destroy melanin while preserving the surrounding skin and tissue. Thus the lasers can destroy hair follicles, preventing the growth of new hair.

Is Laser Hair Removal Right For You?

At Dr. Capizzi’s office, every single nurse, medical assistant and laser specialist is licensed, credentialed and vetted, with several years of experience. Dr. Capizzi is a double board certified plastic surgeon, trained at the elite Mayo Clinic. Treatment follows a detailed consultation and practice test on the desired area to determine if laser hair removal is the best answer for your aesthetic goals and wishes.

Details Of The Procedure

In Dr. Capizzi’s state-of-the-art laser center, treatments are monitored and scanned by a computer to ensure the follicles are safely destroyed while leaving skin undamaged. Once the computer’s parameters are set, the laser beam is optimized to treat your unique follicle patterns in a safe, gentle and effective manner. While the procedure is not considered painful by most clients, numbing agents are available for those with a low pain threshold.

Before Laser Hair Removal

It is important to prepare for your procedure by remembering that laser hair removal is most successful when applied to unbleached, untanned skin. It’s also a good idea to shave the selected areas before your treatment.

Recovery From Laser Hair Removal

After the first treatment, clients can expect an 80-90% reduction in body hair with significantly less dense hairs growing back in the same area. Minor redness or swelling may occur in certain skin types, but these symptoms will usually disappear within 24 hours. Sweating and rigorous exercise may irritate the pores, so it is best to abstain for a day or so. While all other normal activities can be resumed right away, patients are advised to avoid sunbathing, waxing or tweezing, all of which can inflame the laser-treated skin. Spray-on tanning solutions will reverse and negate your results. They should not be used after or before the procedure.

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